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How to Get More People to Read Your Content

It can be disheartening to pour your heart and soul into a written piece, only to see it barely get 10 reads. However, convincing more people to read your content is simpler than what most people think. With that in mind, here are a few steps to bump up the number of readers following your blog.

Edit Your Work

Nothing reduces the readers’ interest perhaps more than grammatical and typographical errors. Allot an hour or two to get away from your computer before editing and posting your content. Doing so will allow you to shift into the reader’s perspective, making you objective when you edit your work. If you build a reputation of posting high-quality, informative content, more and more people will be inclined to read your future works.

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Meet the HTTP Codes

It doesn’t take an SEO expert to know what 404 means in Internet use. It’s so common that the error code spawned different uses for it in memes.
However, 404 isn’t the only error code. Programmers are well-versed on various status codes, even ones that imply a successful connection to the page. This is important for SEO as visitors, crawlers, and links will behave differently for each status code. Below are some of the various status codes in use today. Read the rest of this entry

Boosting Marketing Efforts with Social Media

Today, many companies use social media sites to reinforce their marketing efforts. These businesses use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or any popular social media site for:

Increasing Sales

Where else can businesses better find customers than social media? Unlike traditional SEO where consumers find a product or service via search engine, social media sites allow for more convenient access to products and services, which easily translates into a sale. In this case, the company reaches out to its target market, and doesn’t just for consumers to stumble upon their business in the hope of making a sale.

Brand Exposure

Given the large user base of social media overall, companies have the perfect platform to get their brands known. Companies can post special offers in social media sites, share customer stories, and more. These efforts, especially those that relate to people on an emotional level, can impress and foster business values like reliability and trustworthiness.

Customer Engagement

Businesses aim to attract, retain, and engage customers, and this can be effectively achieved by building an online presence in social media platforms. Given that more and more consumers use social media, companies can take that as an opportunity not only for promotion, but also to ask for feedback and resolve customer issues when regular service channels do not work out.

Companies that consider using social media platforms can achieve the said marketing objectives. SEO firms can help business owners implement an effective social media strategy and manage their social media accounts.

SEO Campaigns & Comprehensive Website Audits

Regular and comprehensive website audits are extremely important to the success of internet marketing campaigns. In fact, many reputable SEO companies recommend that website audits be performed before initiating any optimization campaigns on websites. Moreover, by performing regular website audits, business websites can stay compliant with the changing algorithms of major search engines like Google.

A website audit involves detecting and reporting all usability and credibility issues on a website, including broken links and anchors; missing images and their attributes; incorrectly displayed graphics; lagging pages; redundant pages; as well as missing or improperly formatted META information, such as META description tags and title tags. By identifying and addressing all usability and credibility issues, business websites can be given a cleaner and more professional look, which in turn will keep site visitors engaged and loyal.

Other forms of analysis included in website audits are backlink analysis, URL architecting, comprehensive analysis of targeted keyword and keyword phrases, as well as duplicate content analysis. As one can deduce from this detailed list of services, website audits leave no stone unturned.

Deep analysis of website content, in turn, is designed to arm SEO companies with the information they’ll need to create customized SEO campaigns that meet the needs and expectation of different businesses. As with any task of great importance, exhaustive research, preparation, and remedial activity may be necessary to produce more successful long-term results.