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Online Reputation: It More than Just Precedes You

If the world turns its back on you, you shouldn’t turn your back on the world. Rather, you should listen to what they have to say about you and work from there, either by entering a compromise with them or addressing their problems with you. If you insist that your reputation is unimportant and do nothing, you’ll be in for a rude awakening in the near future.

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Building Online Reputation through Client Comments

Online reputation management does not only deal with credible content and SEO strategies. Most often than not, there will be instances where a customer may give feedback on a company’s product or service quality. Whether it be a constructive quote or a negative comment, it is important to respond to these online feedback respectively. Read the rest of this entry

Repute Dispute: Managing Online Reputation

An old adage goes, “the customer is always right,” yet sometimes it takes just a single negative consumer feedback to forever ruin a business. Not all customers will be satisfied with a business’ goods or services, and these disgruntled folks are sure to put in a poor word for the establishment. Thanks to the internet and the popularity of online critic portals, it’s now much easier to disseminate negative and scathing reviews of a particular business.

While every customer is entitled to his or her point of view, negative reviews posted online can adversely affect the way consumers perceive business. Even if a business has improved since the derisive remarks, poor reviews can turn up in internet searches and can discourage potential customers. Businesses need to find a way to improve their standing, lest the online reviews permanently paint them in a bad light.

Businesses can salvage their reputation through various means. They can encourage customers to post positive reviews to counter the ones posted by displeased ones. They can also reach out to dissatisfied customers via social media to directly resolve the issue. Ultimately and perhaps the simplest way to beat back bad rep is to update the content of a business website constantly such that the bad reviews don’t surface as much in searches.

Do-It-Yourself ORM Basics

The Internet is a great innovation. People can now search and obtain information about a topic or product anywhere anytime. The Internet has become a 24/7 library anyone can access.

The existence of the Internet brings a treasure trove of opportunities for small businesses who want to get their names out there. This, however, can also mean that dissatisfied customers can write excessively negative comments about a company that may affect how other potential customers will see the business.

One good way of preventing these comments from dealing extensive damage to your business would be online reputation management (ORM). These services will do a lot to lower the negativity your business attracts, but you can also do some things to prevent these things from happening again.

Publish relevant content

As a business owner, it is important to create your own content. Talk about topics and recent developments that will affect you and the product or service you’re offering. Occasionally posting new and relevant content about the products or services your business offers can do a lot to boost your credibility online.

Clean up your social media

Almost everyone has a presence online. If you have a business and a social media account, it pays to keep the two away from each other as much as possible. Keep your social media accounts private to keep matters purely professional.