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Repute Dispute: Managing Online Reputation

An old adage goes, “the customer is always right,” yet sometimes it takes just a single negative consumer feedback to forever ruin a business. Not all customers will be satisfied with a business’ goods or services, and these disgruntled folks are sure to put in a poor word for the establishment. Thanks to the internet and the popularity of online critic portals, it’s now much easier to disseminate negative and scathing reviews of a particular business.

While every customer is entitled to his or her point of view, negative reviews posted online can adversely affect the way consumers perceive business. Even if a business has improved since the derisive remarks, poor reviews can turn up in internet searches and can discourage potential customers. Businesses need to find a way to improve their standing, lest the online reviews permanently paint them in a bad light.

Businesses can salvage their reputation through various means. They can encourage customers to post positive reviews to counter the ones posted by displeased ones. They can also reach out to dissatisfied customers via social media to directly resolve the issue. Ultimately and perhaps the simplest way to beat back bad rep is to update the content of a business website constantly such that the bad reviews don’t surface as much in searches.