Meet the HTTP Codes

It doesn’t take an SEO expert to know what 404 means in Internet use. It’s so common that the error code spawned different uses for it in memes.
However, 404 isn’t the only error code. Programmers are well-versed on various status codes, even ones that imply a successful connection to the page. This is important for SEO as visitors, crawlers, and links will behave differently for each status code. Below are some of the various status codes in use today.

HTTP 200
This simply means that all is going smoothly with the connection, and the visitors have accessed their intended page with no hitches.

HTTP 301
This code is similar to HTTP 200, carrying as much visitors, crawlers, and links, but it redirects visitors to a new page. SEO experts urge the use of 301 redirects for the links to be carried over to the new page. Its twin, the HTTP 302, performs the same but the links don’t get carried over to the new page.

HTTP 500
This code indicates a server error, meaning a problem on the website admin’s end. Web design services, which are inclusive in SEO packages, take these types of errors very seriously as it can hamper visitor, crawler and link traffic. In popular culture, this status code is as common as the 404.

HTTP 503
This code means the same thing as a 404. However, it usually signifies a server down for repair or maintenance.


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