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Boosting Marketing Efforts with Social Media

Today, many companies use social media sites to reinforce their marketing efforts. These businesses use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or any popular social media site for:

Increasing Sales

Where else can businesses better find customers than social media? Unlike traditional SEO where consumers find a product or service via search engine, social media sites allow for more convenient access to products and services, which easily translates into a sale. In this case, the company reaches out to its target market, and doesn’t just for consumers to stumble upon their business in the hope of making a sale.

Brand Exposure

Given the large user base of social media overall, companies have the perfect platform to get their brands known. Companies can post special offers in social media sites, share customer stories, and more. These efforts, especially those that relate to people on an emotional level, can impress and foster business values like reliability and trustworthiness.

Customer Engagement

Businesses aim to attract, retain, and engage customers, and this can be effectively achieved by building an online presence in social media platforms. Given that more and more consumers use social media, companies can take that as an opportunity not only for promotion, but also to ask for feedback and resolve customer issues when regular service channels do not work out.

Companies that consider using social media platforms can achieve the said marketing objectives. SEO firms can help business owners implement an effective social media strategy and manage their social media accounts.


Repute Dispute: Managing Online Reputation

An old adage goes, “the customer is always right,” yet sometimes it takes just a single negative consumer feedback to forever ruin a business. Not all customers will be satisfied with a business’ goods or services, and these disgruntled folks are sure to put in a poor word for the establishment. Thanks to the internet and the popularity of online critic portals, it’s now much easier to disseminate negative and scathing reviews of a particular business.

While every customer is entitled to his or her point of view, negative reviews posted online can adversely affect the way consumers perceive business. Even if a business has improved since the derisive remarks, poor reviews can turn up in internet searches and can discourage potential customers. Businesses need to find a way to improve their standing, lest the online reviews permanently paint them in a bad light.

Businesses can salvage their reputation through various means. They can encourage customers to post positive reviews to counter the ones posted by displeased ones. They can also reach out to dissatisfied customers via social media to directly resolve the issue. Ultimately and perhaps the simplest way to beat back bad rep is to update the content of a business website constantly such that the bad reviews don’t surface as much in searches.

How to Choose the Right SEO Company

The world of business is constantly extending its efforts in tapping the internet as a powerful business tool. As such, many businesses regardless of size has put up a company website to establish an online presence. However, the fact that everyone is pretty much doing this can make it difficult for other websites to stand out, especially the websites of smaller businesses.

Fortunately, such a problem can be countered by hiring an experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company in your area. However, there are many firms that claim they specialize in SEO, which can make it difficult to choose one. With that in mind, here are a few to tips to keep in mind when hiring an SEO company:

Content is King

In the world of SEO, well-written and informative content is king. That said, be sure to request a few samples from an SEO company to determine whether the quality of the articles produced are at par with your expectations.


Some SEO companies specialize in a certain industry. If possible, it is best to try to stick with an SEO company that specializes in your industry.

Extra Services

SEO is not only about content, despite the fact that content plays a large role in successful SEO. Look for a company that provides social media management, online reputation management, website design, and other internet marketing services to compliment SEO.